54 Movies That Will Hit You Mentally and Leave You Wowed

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54 Movies That Can Hit You Hard Mentally
54 Movies That Can Hit You Hard Mentally

Whether you are a movie freak or just the kind of person that watches movies by chance, you must have probably come across one or more of these movies and definitely enjoyed it. If you haven’t watched at least 10 out of these 54 mind blowing movies, then it’s time to get ready to be thrilled and entertained with more of these listed movies.

These movies have been highly rated by people who have seen them either at home, at the cinema or elsewhere and they are said to be the most mentally impact filled movies that have been released so far. So no matter what kind of movie you prefer, these movies will certainly meet your tastes in one way or another.

According to fans of these movies, the characters, idea, storyline, costume, pictures, direction, location and a lot of other factors set them apart from other movies. These movies are not listed based on their release date or for being best, they have been selected randomly because they all qualify to be mentioned. So it’s totally okay to randomly pick some of them and head to Netflix or any other source where you get your movies to watch them for maximum entertainment.

These movies are said to carry qualities that can affect the viewer in many ways such as mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. So if you would like to know what’s so special about these movies or you just want to test your mental strength when it comes to watching movies, these are the best picks for you to try out.


1. The Hate U Give
2. When They See Us
3. Miracle In Cell No 7
4. Fractured
5. The Stoning Of Soraya M
6. Blue Story
7. Behind Her Eyes
8. Clouds
9. Breakthrough
10. My Name Is Khan
11. Vivarium
12. Us
13. Get Out
14. Shutter Island
15. Hereditary
16. Like Stars On Earth
17. Girl In The Basement
18. Mothers
19. Awake
20. Roma
21. Papillon
22. The Boy In The Striped Pajamas
23. Sometimes In April
24. Maami
25. Room
26. Hotel Rwanda
27. Five Feet Apart
28. The Pianist
29. The Unholy
30. Miracles From Heaven
31. Hannibal
32. We Are Family
33. Inception
34. The Fault In Our Stars
35. Dark
36. Jacob’s Ladder
37. Seven
38. Wonder
39. Life In A Year
40. Game Of Silence
41. Lion
42. Mystic River
43. Midsommar
44. Me Before You
45. All The Bright Places
46. BajRangi
47. Nicholas Sparks
48. A Walk To Remember
49. Unbroken
50. They First Killed My Father
51. Queen And Slim
52. Predestination
53. Dr Mulholland
54. Trial By Fire

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