Best Places Where You Can Find Potential Wife Material In Nigeria

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If you have been wondering where to find a potential perfect half in Nigeria, this article will ease your stress even though it takes the grace of God to find a good half.

So, let’s dig into this article and see.

At a certain age, an average Nigerian man starts to receive pressure from family and friends, asking when he will bring home a wife.

This often leads to the cliched and embarrassing question, “When are you getting married?”

The truth is, finding a wife isn’t as easy as the way relatives, especially mothers, make it sound. It’s pretty challenging to find a woman that fits into your definition of a ‘wife material.

In Nigerian parlance, a ‘wife material’ can be defined as an ideal woman that fits the requirements to be your life partner and mother to your future children.

While the concept of wife material varies among men, a common ground is that a wife material is a woman who possesses the necessary skills to be the future mother to her kids and life partner.

Now, finding a wife material can be such an arduous task, especially if you are searching for one in the wrong places.

This is why in the spirit of fairness, we listed five places you can go and, if you are lucky enough, find the next woman that would not only bear your surname but be happy to wear matching outfits with you.


E shock you too, abi! There is a reason mothers-in-law in Nollywood films bring village girls and force their city sons to marry them.

If you are the man looking for an ‘old generation’ type of housewife who would cook and meet your every need, then you better jump on the next bus, buy foodstuffs, and travel down to your village square.

Getting a ‘village bride’ assures you that there is a low tendency for her to become materialistic, and she would probably not ask for a divorce after a month of the wedding.


Notice that we said wake-keep ceremony, not funeral reception. While wake-keep rituals are known for the sad cries and eulogies, it’s also the best place to meet some ladies in their natural forms.

No woman is insensitive enough to show up wearing heavy makeup or designer clothes. So, this would be your best time to identify who is who without artificial features.

Additionally, wake-keeping ceremonies help you observe the ladies, spotting the ones whose sad feelings are genuine. This allows you to find a wife material whose emotions are real, not fake.


If you are the type of man who cares a lot about finances, then this is the best place for you to find wife material.

One day, you could decide to go to the market and observe the ladies buying things from sellers. Pay close attention to the bargaining skills these women show. Only then would you be able to predict the kind of woman that would be able to cook three pots of soup with just N500.


Privacy is a factor that contributes to the growth of every marriage. If you want to be sure that a wife’s material won’t inform the third party about personal issues, then a hair or nail salon is the best place to visit.

Observations have shown that most secrets are exposed at salons. Now, if you walk into a salon and notice a woman who isn’t babbling about her issues, propose to her on the spot because chances are she will keep private matters private.


This one is for the guys looking for patient and understanding women.

Next time there is significant fuel scarcity in the country, ensure you visit different fuel stations. When you get there, try striking up a conversation with a woman. During your conversations, remember to state how the current government is the best.

If she remains calm and collected after your statement, she is the one. But if she grabs her jerrycan and hits you on the head, you are on your own.

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