Best USSD Codes To Get Cheap Data Subscription Plans On MTN 2022

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Updated 2022/07/09 at 4:15 PM
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If you have been wondering how to get the best data plan for your daily data subscription needs, worry no more because MTN has a wide range of data offers that are not only reliable but very economic especially in the current economic downturn in Nigeria.

As one of the most used service providers in the country, MTN is no doubt the service providers with the highest amount of users in the country despite it’s foreign ownership. As you may know, the daily internet usage increases every year and the majority of the internet users have little to no idea of data plans that are cheap and flexible aside the common ones. Unlike other service providers who have only few plans with a partially high price rate, MTN offers plans for all users budgets.

Today, you will find some codes which would probably be useful to your data subscription plans even though the data plans for these codes are not available for all users. These codes provides different data plans for different users, it’s up to the service providers to give each user a data plan that he or she qualifies for.

Some of the best MTN data subscription codes that are very much working as at the time of writing this post are *131*100# *567*59# *121# *567# and *131*65#. These codes can provide subscription offers from as less as 50MB to 40GB depending on the user’s qualification.

NOTE: There’s no guarantee that all the codes provided would work for every user but it’s totally OK to try them out and find which one works for your own line and also get to know which of the cheap data you qualify for.

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