Bee Deric Shares His New Single “5 Star”

Super talented Nigerian singer and songwriter, Bee Deric who had a perfect start of the year with the record deal he bagged with ER-7 Hit Lab has ended the fans

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Jae B & Steady Yeddy Talks Bad Governance On Forthcoming Single “Same Mind”

In a staggering nation where music seems to be the only source of joy for many people, it is very important to talk about the critical issues, and for artists

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Mr. Purplemusik Anticipates New Single “Them Say” Set To Drop Soon

As music remains a prime world unifier, more talents continue to emerge in the African music space and each day, discoveries takes center stage. With so many music released yearly,

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Interpreting Movies (A Guide to Reading Films as Text)

Movies adapted from books are typically more successful than original screenplays worldwide. An incredible 70% of the world's top 20 grossing films are based on books (frontier economics). Adaptations are

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Understanding Music (Intrinsic and Extramusical Interpretation)

Do You remember listening to songs and having this sudden gush of emotions or the urge to get up and dance? I have that feeling more often than not and

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Top 10 Richest Countries In Africa (Their GDP & Population)

To a lot of people, it's not easy to rightly say the top 10 richest countries in Africa with certainty and this has led to arguments and debates which have

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Looking For A Husband Material? Here Are Places In Nigeria Where You Can Potentially Find One

The truth is that finding a good man who is a husband material is one of the hardest things ever. Not only in Nigeria, but in various parts of the

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Best Places Where You Can Find Potential Wife Material In Nigeria

Happy Couples[/caption If you have been wondering where to find a potential perfect half in Nigeria, this article will ease your stress even though it takes the grace of God

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Cornelius Ogar (Cornel) Biography and Career

If your question is who is Cornel?, well you're at the right place to get all the useful information you need to know about the singer and music enthusiast who

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How to Appreciate Poems (Using Literary Techniques )

How often do we read a poem and wonder "what's the purpose behind such a masterpiece?" The answer to this riddle lies in the bellies of interpretation. At the end

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How To Get A Stress-free Private Jet Studio Shoot As An Artist, Filmmaker or Content Creator

Wondering the possibilities of having to shoot an impressive studio standard music video with private jet scenes with no stress? This is an opportunity for filmmakers to shoot in a

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6 Ways To Turn Your Life Around When You Feel Lost

Even if you try to live life in the most perfect manner, you’ll experience your share of challenges. Sometimes, those experiences lead a person down a path they don’t recognize.

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Wizkid: The Little Genius – A Lifestyle Worth Studying

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun better known across the globe as Wizkid (other name includes Big Wiz, StarBoy, Machala etc) is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, performer and label owner who hails from

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Why Charging 100% Is Dangerous To Your Android Phone’s Battery Life | Best Way To Charge

If you're concerned about your phone's battery life and making it last as long as possible, you certainly aren't alone. A survey conducted by USA Today showed that battery life

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54 Movies That Will Hit You Mentally and Leave You Wowed

Whether you are a movie freak or just the kind of person that watches movies by chance, you must have probably come across one or more of these movies and

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