Everything You Need to Know About Being a Simp (Simping) And How To Improve

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A study by Babatunde Olusola 

“Being a simp” is a term used when a guy is being too nice to a woman when he is fishing for compliments or trying to get with her.

A man who puts too much value on a woman for no reason is a SIMP. He’ll put a woman before himself. He’ll do anything to please a girl, whether it’s giving attention, money, or lifts, in an attempt to receive affection from her.

How will you know if you’re a Simp?

When you put girls on a pedestal, I mean, no matter what a girl does, you don’t see any fault in their actions. You can’t criticize them as they are superior to you. You’re a SIMP. When you double text a girl, you’re a SIMP.

When you’re too nice to a girl, you’re a SIMP. When you look for validation from women, you’re a SIMP. Girls will ask you to do something, and you’ll do it straight away, even if it’s not beneficial to you. You’re a simp when you beg or pay for sex.

Being a simp will never get you loved, but it will get you played and taken advantage of. Wake up! Some may say this is just being gentlemanly, but there is a definite difference between being a gentleman and a simp. Never, ever fall into the category of weak, submissive men!

How can you stop being a simp?

Build/improve yourself; improve your dress sense; improve your looks (get creams that make your skin glow; nice haircut; smell nice); learn to speak fluently too. All of this will help you get more confident when dealing with women. That’s why a girlfriend of a simp will cheat at any given opportunity with a confident, good-looking bad guy.

Delete all the simp tunes. Listen to Blaqbonez more than you listen to Chike. Give the girls some space; unfollow them on SM and disconnect!

Stop being an introvert; go out, meet new women, communicate with them; make yourself seen so you can attract women too. The fewer women you have, the more desperate you are when conversing with this gender, but if you’ve got many, you won’t let anyone waste your time.

Focus on chasing the bag, not women: high-value men don’t chase women, women chase them. Women send DMs first, women send men money, and women spend the money they get from SIMPs on dominant kings. Wake up so you don’t play yourself, king. Use your head, be in your frame.

Make a point of telling girls what you want with your whole chest. Is it just sex? If she ain’t down, don’t beg her for the fun, because your dick is too precious, move to the next. That’s the power of abundance. You’ve got options.

Establish clear limits for yourself and the girl: know when to be sweet and when to stop.

Be dominant: dominant men get the women they want, not who’s available.

If you ask a woman to describe her ideal man, she will describe a SIMP.

Ask a woman what her definition of a perfect man is and she’ll describe a SIMP. Not because she likes you, though. Don’t play yourself. That’s only because women keep all kinds of men around since they love to use them, and every man can still serve a purpose.

The hard guy may be for sex, while you, the simp, maybe for transfers, bills, and boredom. Many simps are ignored in the DM, then she texts you back when she’s bored, and you still respond at the speed of light. Different guys, different roles depending on whom she perceives you to be.

So, if you’re a simp and she’s keeping you, know that she’s using you and she’ll never want to lose someone she’s using. You should know that you can be a boyfriend who simps with your girlfriend; simp isn’t just for single guys, but also guys in relationships. Get up!

Some of you will go single the moment money stops coming. Your money has been the only thing keeping her in that relationship. Some of you send weekly and monthly allowances; some of you are playing fatherly roles; it is more like you are paying her to be in a relationship with you.

There is no benefit to being a simp because everything you attract is fake: fake companies, fake love, fake orgasms, just fakes. Wake up!!!

Finally, SIMP is an abbreviation for a simpleton, which is a slang term for someone who is f00lish.

So, if you’re a simp, you’re a f00lish person. Don’t be a simp; reclaim your masculinity and save yourself today.

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