Fashion Hacks To Improve Plus-sized (Chubby) Women Dressing Style

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Fashion Hacks For Chubby Women
Fashion Hacks For Chubby Women

Everybody can look good and as a matter of fact, everybody should look good!

Many times, when you come across two plus-sized women who look different in sizes, look again. It could be that one of them has utilized the fashion hacks for plus-size women and the other probably has no knowledge of it. Fashion is not about sizes. It’s really about what you know and how well you implement what you know.

We live in a world where reality is not always what you see. When it comes to fashion, anybody can be made to appear tall, short, big, or petite. It all depends on the fashion hacks in your knowledge bank. Here are 5 fashion hacks for plus-size women you need to know in 2022.

1. Wear Your Most Important Outfit- Confidence

The thing about confidence is that it does not only affect how you feel about what you’re wearing. It also influences how people perceive and compliment you. It’s difficult for someone to talk down on your dressing if you’re confident about it; it literally takes an overdose of meanness to do that!

Before you step out in an outfit, ask yourself “Am I happy wearing this?” If you are not happy and confident about it, choose something else to wear because whether you believe it or not, people can always tell. Whatever you wear, you have to feel confident in it. This is the most important life hack for every person, male or female, thick or skinny.

2. Mind The Bags You Carry

You may think this doesn’t have anything to do with plus-size women but it does. Among the fashion hacks for plus-size women, this is one of the most important. Bags are not just for carrying things around, they feature in our outfits for style purposes too.

Maxi-sized bags used to be in vogue but not anymore. However, if your wardrobe is built solely on what’s in vogue, you will never stand out in the world of fashion. You need to be able to build your own world of fashion and make statements with it.

As a plus-size lady, you don’t need big bags. You already have a big body that can look beautiful depending on how you wear what you wear. Small bags will give ample room for you to highlight your best assets. Big bags may make you look shabby especially if they are loose.

3. Accessories Are Your Best Friends

Thick women need to embrace more accessories as much as possible. The reason why you need to wear more accessories on your wrist as a plus-size woman is because it will take attention away from your thick wrists. It’s possible to see a plus-size woman and only realize her size minutes later; this can only happen if she knows her onions on how to dress for her size. The same goes with skinny ladies.

Accessorize your outfits. Have a variety of accessories in sizes, colors, and types. Wear them in different sizes per outfit and notice the change. Necklaces, Wristwatches, and Bracelets deserve a special place in your wardrobe; utilize them. Never leave your wrist and neck bare!

4. Embrace Small Prints

Large polka dots are a no-no for plus-size women. Plus-size ladies need to stop doing this. The larger the prints you wear, the bulkier you look. To be on the safe side, pick horizontally striped clothes that will not highlight the places you don’t want to be highlighted.

This rule applies to literally every outfit ranging from tops to skirts, dresses, and playsuits alike. Don’t ruin your looks with large prints no matter how colorful. Speaking of colors, let’s have our final point.

5. Dark Shades Should Be Your Go-to Colors

Light shades make a person look bigger than they already are. If you want to look bulkier, ignore this hack. However, if you want to dress to look smaller than you are as a plus-size woman, then wear more colors in their darker shades. Examples are Black, dark blue and other dark shaded colors.


1. Be Confident.
2. Carry the right bags.
3. Accessorize.
4. Embrace smaller print
5. Wear darker shades of colors.

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