Should A Woman Support Her Man Financially? (Our Opinion)

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Should Women Support Their Men Financially?
Should Women Support Their Men Financially?

Should Women Support Their Men Financially?

Women are the strongest beings in the universe. They can go out for work, manage the home and support their men altogether. Especially, when the support is made financially, it helps their men to grow at a faster pace.

However, what is surprising is how most women are able to save money without revealing the fact to their spouses. The reasons for these practise are narrowly impossible to figure out.

There is a general notion shared, mainly by African women that “My husband’s money is our own; My money is my own.”

If an African wife takes money from her own purse to take care of the family without adding it to your “debt” or taking it back “in her way.” You should be grateful to God for very few of them exists. (Okay, that’s a joke)

Financial Privacy in Marriage

According to a survey conducted by RNN, most women do not reveal their financial status to their men because they think they have more need for it. Women believe they can make more productive use of their financial resources and it would be impossible to do that if their partners are informed.

Meanwhile, some women are just extremely stingy when it comes to helping their spouse financially. They have this mentality that men should be independently responsible for all the finances at home. Funnily enough, most women even back it up with a Bible quote in 1 Timothy 5:8:

“But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”

In another opinion, women who earn more than their spouses, believe it’s best to hide their financial status so as not to affect the esteem of their spouses. They do this in order to opine the African belief that “the husband is the head.”

While this may sound a bit reasonable, it is, however, inexcusable. A reasonable husband should support his wife regardless of his ego.

The Truth remains that when couples are financially supportive of each other, the family tends to progress. But this will happen if they disclose not only their savings and earnings but their liabilities too. After all, “two heads are better than one.”

How Women Can be Financially Supportive of Men

As a woman, I want my man to be successful. Who doesn’t? Seriously, we all want the men in our lives to ‘bring the bacon, to provide for us, to be our protectors and to be there when we need them. But what role are women playing these days?

Financial stress is one of the leading causes of divorce. Rather than allowing it to divide you and your spouse, the tips below will help you to be financially supportive of your spouse in order to minimize financial stress in your home


Saving Money
Saving Money

Inculcating the habit of saving money is a must for women too. This is because the money can help you in time of emergency, most women are habituated to saving money after meeting their daily expenses. Little wonder it is difficult for women who are obsessed with fashion like buying clothes, jewellery, and shoes, to save the money needed to take care of some financial responsibilities at home.


Couples Cooperation
Couples Cooperation

Talking about your marriage and financial problems is key to a happy, healthy relationship. If your man needs support, ask for it – and be specific about the type of support he’d like. Don’t assume to knows how to help your spouse through these financial difficulties. Afterwards, talk about what worked and what didn’t, and adjust accordingly.





If you don’t communicate with your spouse, your shared vision and financial goals will ultimately fail. It’s important that you check in with each other regularly, let ur spouse knows what you are up to, If you are not honest with your spouse about your concerns, this could lead to bitterness toward your spouse when the financial plan does not turn out as you had originally hoped.

Speaking of communication, you may want to read Every Relationship Needs These 3 Things to Survive Forever to learn about the essential wisdom required for communication.



A responsible wife whose plan is to be supportive of her husband should help her man in preparing a calendar of financial dues and they should know about their monthly expenses, this will help to save some amount of their household budget in the aspect of making provision of necessary things at home



Every working woman should develop a habit of doing investment for a specific purpose. Your small saving can generate a bigger amount and what if that is joined with your husband’s investments, that will grow much bigger and this will help you achieve the various financial goals of life. You can also help your husband in meeting goals like Child Education, house purchase, etc.

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